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Certified translation

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We generally recommend the latter as this saves you both time and money.

Official translation

What does “official translation” mean and how is it different from certified translation?

An official translation is a proofread translation, tied and affixed with a seal and accompanied with an attestation sheet. It is prepared by our office using a photocopy or a scanned version of the original, whereby the attestation sheet proves that the translation is a true and accurate rendition of the original document.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, certified translation by the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation (OFFI) is required by legislation in a few specific cases only. 

Why is official translation better than certified translation?

Documents translated by our office and accompanied with an international attestation sheet are accepted both abroad and in Hungary during the administration of affairs. In contrast, certified translations are much more expensive and take significantly longer than the official translations prepared by 1x1 Translations. Within the borders of Hungary, institutions and authorities require certified translations by OFFI in a mandatory manner in very few cases only and, as a matter fact, the exclusive right of OFFI for certified translations only applies within Hungary. In contrast, 1x1 Translations offers much more favorable prices and deadlines; they are typically a fraction of the rates and deadlines of OFFI.

How do I know if official translation or certified translation is required?

We recommend that you consult the administrator person at the place of destination of the translation. Where possible, ask in the following manner: “Is it all right if I submit a translation officially attested by a translation agency?” And before you contact OFFI we suggest that you send us the documents to be translated by email at info@1daytranslation.com. Our staff will review the documents and inform you if you do indeed need to order the translation from OFFI or if we can do it for you instead. In case of the latter, we will send you an instant quote for the translation and we can deliver the translated document as soon as within 1 hour.


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