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Konszekutív tolmácsolás The interpreters of 1x1 Translations are internationally qualified professionals with a degree in interpretation and observe full confidentiality during their work.

What mode of interpreting do I need?

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting (CI) is generally used at meetings and discussions in small groups. The interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has finished speaking. The speech is divided into segments, and the interpreter sits or stands beside the source-language speaker, listening and taking notes as the speaker progresses through the message. When the speaker pauses or finishes speaking, the interpreter then renders a portion of the message or the entire message in the target language. Our interpreters interpret segments of a few sentences or speeches of up to 5 or 6 minutes, as required.

E.g. business discussions, events, press conferences, receptions, gala events

Kísérőtolmácsolás Escort interpreting

In this case the interpreter stands beside the client and shares the speech of the other party with him. Here the interpreter specially interprets for one or two persons who are not familiar with the other party’s language.

E.g. sightseeing, cultural programs, visits

Szinkrontolmácsolás Simultaneous interpreting

This mode of interpreting is used at large conferences and events. Speakers speak continuously while the interpreters sit in a sound-proof booth and render the message in the target language by speaking into a microphone. Simultaneous interpreting is the most difficult and demanding mode of interpreting, thus for simultaneous interpreting exceeding half an hour 2 interpreters are required who take turns every 30 minutes. Technical equipment required: interpreter’s booth, amplification device, headsets.

E.g. multi-language conference, professional event, training, show

fizetés Whispered interpreting

Whispered interpreting (or chuchotage) is where the interpreter sits or stands next to the person or people requiring interpretation (a maximum of three people can be accommodated) and speaks softly using normal speech kept at a low volume. Simultaneous interpreting is used when people need to follow what is said in the room without themselves making a contribution, whereas consecutive interpretation is used when there is a dialogue, and perhaps people wish to hear what the original speaker said in the source language because some of the listeners speak that language, or in a court setting, to preserve for the record the original words of the speaker when a witness or other party is questioned.

E.g.: court hearing, business discussion, company event

Mobiltolmácsolás Mobile interpreting

A novel mode of interpreting offered by 1x1 Translations featuring portable listening systems with a wide array of uses. It is best suited for field work, on-site inspections, corporate trainings, as well as cultural events, visits and events where both the speaker and the audience are in motion. The interpreter stands close to the speaker and speaks into the microphone equipped with a transmission device. Listeners are allocated the interpreting device widely used at conferences to enable them to listen to the interpreting.

Advantages of this setup:

  • it is fully mobile and works anywhere
  • it is much more inexpensive compared to equipment used for simultaneous interpreting
  • the speaker has the opportunity to present everything on-site and live
  • it features multiple channels, thus allowing interpreting into several languages
  • the range of the device is 50 meters, so it allows those located far from the speaker to listen to and understand the speaker.

E.g.: factory visits, cultural programs, sightseeing

Tolmácstechnika Is interpretation equipment required?

In case of conference interpreting, which essentially means simultaneous interpreting or consecutive interpreting in practice, interpretation equipment is definitely required.

Through our interpretation equipment partner company 1x1 Translations can supply the required equipment and interpretation devices (booth, microphone discussion systems, headsets).

The interpreter booths we supply feature ISO4043 certification and can be expanded to host up to 3 interpreters and are easy to transport even in small elevators.

Fizetés How much will interpreting cost?

1x1 Translations will give you a quote up front so you can be sure what the interpretation service will cost in line with the Code of Professional Ethics of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AAIC).

The interpretation fee is subject to the languages required, the date and place of the interpreting, the size of the audience, as well as any interpretation equipment required, so be sure to request an individual quote!

Our staff will be happy to assist you over the phone at +36 70 33 24 905 or by email at info@1x1translate.com .

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