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árajánlat How can I request a quote?

You can request a quote in less than 1 minute on our main page.  All you have to do is:

  • select the source language (from which you want the translation)
  • select the target language (into which you want the translation)
  • enter the number of characters (if available) OR upload the file(s) to be translated
  • provide the email address to which we can send the quote.

We will send you the quote within 10 minutes by email.

rendelés How can I order the translation?

Ordering the translation is really easy. All you have to do is:

  • complete and sign the order form you received via email
  • return the order form by emailing it to info@1daytranslation.com

After you have returned the order form, one of our staff will confirm the translation assignment by email and it will then be confirmed. We will prepare the translation by the agreed deadline and will inform you in an email when it is ready.

fordítás átvétele How will I get the translation?

The translation will be sent to you by email.
In case of special requests (e.g. certified translation, attestation) the translation is also available  in 3 other ways:
PERSONAL PICKUP  | You can pick up the translation in the requested format at the office of 1x1 Translations at a pre-scheduled time.
COURIER SERVICE | If requested, we can forward you the translation through our preferred courier service partner.
POSTAL MAIL | We can also send you the translation as priority postal mail to the address provided by you.

fizetés How do I pay?

Upon completing the translation we will issue an invoice to the name and address indicated in the order form. You will be sent the original invoice by postal mail and a scanned copy of the invoice will be forwarded to you by email.  The translation fee shall be due within 8 days of the delivery of the translation.

The translation fee is payable by wire transfer. You will find the data required for the transfer in the order form. You can also choose to pay using Wise or PayPal. 

miért minket választott? Why choose 1x1 Translations?
  • all of our translation and proofreading work is done by certified translators
  • all translations are checked for accuracy, spelling and proper formatting
  • we strictly adhere to agreed deadlines
  • we issue an invoice in each and every case
  • we guarantee the quality and on-time delivery of our translations.

In case of special requests, e.g. if you need a certified translation, proofreading or a two-column layout, please get in touch with us at info@1daytranslation.com or call  us at  +36 70 33 24 905.


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