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iPhone finally to get crowdsourced translation app LinqApp

Good news for iPhone owners in a foreign land: a crowdsourced translation app has finally landed in the App Store.

Linqapp, which was previously available only for devices running Google's Android, is now available on the App Store.
"Real people assist in situations where computer-based systems like Google Translate meet their limitations: providing translations based on audio recordings or pictures, answering cultural questions, and sharing native-speaker expertise on grammar, vocabulary and slang," Taipei-based startup One People Co. Ltd.
The app "connects" language learners to participating native speakers, and sends notifications to the learners once an answer is available.
Users build reputation within the app by helping each other learn. In the process they provide practical translation assistance that goes beyond what Google Translate can offer, the developers said.
“With Linqapp, we are making the expertise of native speakers easily accessible to anyone, anywhere,” said co-founder Sebastian Ang.
“We believe that Linqapp can fundamentally change how people get fast assistance in situations that require the skills of a native speaker. We’re helping language learners around the world make progress on their language learning adventure,” Ang added.
How it works
Language learners can snap a picture or record an audio clip, then attach a question or request for translation, and submit it to the Linqapp community.
Native speakers of the language are notified about the new question and can answer with text, audio recording or picture.
Answers can arrive in less than three minutes for popular languages like Spanish, English and Chinese.

More from: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/492550/scitech/technology/iphone-finally-to-get-crowdsourced-translation-app-linqapp 


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