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This language translation stick is impressive - but the promo is anything but

If you've always wanted to pick up girls in a foreign country, Japanese startup Logbar wants to "help."

Logbar released a video demonstrating its new gadget called ili, a stick-shaped translator that will take whatever you say to it and spit out a translation in a different language.

In the two-minute video, we see a man going out on the streets of Tokyo armed with the device, hitting on women. When many of the women he approaches try to deflect his advances by saying they can't speak English, he whips out the gadget to translate his problematic request. He isn't trying to get to know them; he simply wants a kiss from a complete stranger and won't take no as an answer.

The troubling video, which uses street harassment in a failed attempt to cheekily sell a product, overshadows what could be innovation worth championing. The gadget works for English, Mandarin and Japanese, if you're wondering.

Source: mashable.com


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