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Multi-billion project being prepared at Ferihegy

Expropriation can begin on plot where airport hotel is to be built

The government is seeking to declare the real estate development project proposed on the Ferihegy Table, in the area directly adjacent to the airport, a project of top priority for the national economy. Magyar Idők has learnt that the airport railway bypass will cross the plot, which will also see the construction of a hotel, a warehouse base, and a logistics center worth HUF 150 to 200 billion according to the impact studies.

The draft decree is already available on the government portal and in case it is passed the real estate development project to be realized in Vecsés will be declared a project of top priority for the national economy. The area described in the decree, the so-called Ferihegy Table, currently consists of parts registered under 26 different topographical numbers but the number of owners is considerably more. The utilization of the area has so far been hindered by the fact that it was in undivided joint ownership.

Its significance is due to the fact that the proposed railway hoop crosses the area that will link the passenger terminal of Liszt Ferenc International Airport with the Budapest-Cegléd railway line and here, that is in the area between the airport plot and the main route No. 6, any airport project may be realized, we learnt from deputy mayor of Vecsés, Ferenc Tábori. The legal status of the Ferihegy Table can be settled if the government declares it a project of top priority for the national economy as expropriation can then commence, the town leader stated.

According to the impact study of the draft decree the owners would have to pay HUF 336.9 million in land protection charges if it is removed from cultivation. In the preliminary phase of the real estate development the land owners paid a total of HUF 346.8 million in duties on onerous transfer of property to the central budget. According to the initial calculations the area can host investments worth HUF 150 to 200 billion and as many as hundreds of new workplaces may be created. According to Ferenc Tábori, no ready plans are in place on the utilization of the Ferihegy Table. What is for sure is that the railway project in question will pass here, which has estimated costs of tens of billions of forints. According to the preliminary plans, a hotel, a warehouse base, and a logistics center could be constructed here.

Source: www.magyaridok.hu

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