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Hungarian poetry translation read at Macculloch Hall in Morristown Sunday

Behind God's Back

MORRISTOWN – Poets Carlos Hernández Peña and Paul Sohar will read selections from “A espaladas de Dios/Behind God’s Back,” their translation of a collection of poetry originally written in Hungarian by Sándor Kányádi at 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 18 as part of Poets in the Garden at Macculloch Hall Historical Museum.

Hear Kányádi’s elegant verse in its original Hungarian and the Spanish and English translations it inspired.

They will also share their own poems with the audience.

The program is free with museum admission and to members. It will be held rain or shine.

Macculloch Hall Historical Museum is a nonprofit educational affiliate of the W. Parsons Todd Foundation located at 45 Macculloch Ave., Morristown.
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